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Zora: We are looking for RPers at :) Sept 7, 2017 23:52:24 GMT
GB: Well lookie what we have here, some sort of ghost town. Jun 11, 2017 3:10:50 GMT
Lady: for anyone looking to reconnect or just chat Mar 3, 2017 19:03:07 GMT
kiwistickers: my skills in life do not include not getting super lonely when i havent rpd in months Jan 3, 2017 3:53:27 GMT
Darastrix: The Hamilton Mix Tape is so good. Dec 27, 2016 1:39:56 GMT
arcanelord: Yo! Dec 23, 2016 4:36:10 GMT
Darastrix: (welcome) ! Dec 18, 2016 20:32:26 GMT
Lady: Dec 5, 2016 8:56:26 GMT
Kaorikka: does anyone have the tumblr link for this site i wanna boost Dec 4, 2016 7:39:35 GMT
Avian: Osyris: In fairness to your puzzling efforts, Facebook is itself a hive of oft-inexplicable messages. I think being versed in that kind of cipher gives you every advantage in cryptography. Don't even get me started on Tinder. Nov 30, 2016 12:09:27 GMT
Darastrix: At least one thing is certain: It's not a message from Bill Cipher. ...probably. Nov 30, 2016 7:45:55 GMT
Lady: lmao Nov 30, 2016 7:24:03 GMT
concaveParadox: Jake: lol, I love the fact a literal doctor in code breaking is just like "yup, random facebook post, you must be accurate." Nov 30, 2016 5:19:05 GMT
Burdle: But....... Nov 29, 2016 0:18:25 GMT
Burdle: I have to update threads Nov 29, 2016 0:18:13 GMT
Lady: For me, my entire schedule for my daily everything has been disrupted by construction in the back yard. Once it's finished (hopefully by next week) I'll be back to my usual activity levels Nov 18, 2016 7:30:25 GMT
kiwistickers: personally ive been neck deep in halloween prep and then finals rip its just a busy time of year Nov 16, 2016 5:06:16 GMT
Bennie: I'm sure this'll pick up as long as everything keeps being consistent. Personally I think it's doing great so far. Nov 11, 2016 0:49:14 GMT
Lady: Sorry for the delay in posts, there have been Problems IRL but I'll catch up tomorrow Nov 6, 2016 4:53:43 GMT
Lady: Oops not yet, thank you! Nov 4, 2016 15:48:44 GMT
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